Security Networks, Inc.

Gathering information is the first step of any research. The more difficult task will be to sort the collected mass of information, understand it and decide which part best applies to your needs. SNI understands the security business, language, and has done the research to be able to provide our clients with an efficient, unbiased evaluation with minimal time investment from our clients. SNI Consultants uniquely serve our clients with the primary goal of satisfying the client’s needs.

SNI will save you time and money!

Services Offered:
◦ Electronic security equipment
◦ CCTV/Phone Systems
◦ Home Theater / Audio / Video Systems
◦ Fire Protection
◦ Other Services such as Telephone Wiring and Installation and Network Cabling and Setup

Area of Coverage:
◦ Currently serving the Southern California Region.
▪ The Counties of:
▪ Los Angeles
▪ Orange
▪ Riverside
▪ San Bernardino

Mission -

When it comes to making almost any type of purchase or choosing a service provider, it would be very time consuming to shop for the best matching service provider or the best deal. At SNI, we realize the value of our client’s time, both at home and the office. Specially the time that could be spent enjoying the family at home or finishing that all-important project at the office rather than meeting with several security sales representatives. Our highly experienced staff and consultants at SNI are working hard to keep up with the industry trends and the latest in equipment and services.

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